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Using Unified Messaging with the PSP Engine

PSP applications such as Pricer and Eligibility use the UMS to format translated, substituted text for waterfall output or for eligibility reasons. The PSP action syntax provides an API, LookUpMessage, that in turn invokes the Format Message method on the UMS. This method simply returns the formatted text. It does not add the message to the UMS cache. Messages formatted in this way do not support automated responses, duplicate suppression, or logging.

To use the new message type with a PSP procedure

  1. After completing Step 5 in To implement a new message type, add an action to the PSP procedure that invokes the LookUpMessage function for the new message type, passing the payload fields. See Example of a LookUpMessage Call.

    The LookUpMessage function allows the UMS to process translations of the message text.

  2. Test the revised PSP procedure.

Example of a LookUpMessage Call

You can use the example that follows as a model for an invocation of the LookUpMessage function.

{Row.Eligibility Reason} = LookUpMessage('Eligibility - Not In Contract Error', [Account] = {Row.Account Id})

The PSP engine calls the method Format Message. Arguments for this method are described in Table 39.

Table 39. Arguments for Format Message Method

Format Message

[in/out] Message: Hierarchy

Substitute and translate the text for the input message. The message is not displayed.

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