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Implementing Multilingual Substituted Text

The UMS automatically translates the Title, Short Text, and Full Text for a message. Payload fields must be either language-independent (such as Price or Product ID), or they must be translated by the message-generation engine. In this case, you must create translatable payload text for the message.

To implement multilingual substituted text

  1. Add a custom child business component and associated administration view to the payload entity to store the language overrides for each language code.
  2. Add a calculated field to the payload business component to store the system language.
  3. Add an outer join from the payload business component to the translation business component with a search specification that matches the parent Id and the system language code.
  4. Add a joined field for the translated field to the payload business component.
  5. Add a calculated field that selects the translated text if it is not null or if it otherwise defaults to the default language text in the payload business component (example: IfNull([Language Text], [Text])).

The message-generation engine uses the calculated field value (example: [Language Text]) to get translated text where available.

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