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Implementing a Custom Message-Generation Engine

Any workflow or custom script can add, update, or delete messages stored and displayed by the Unified Messaging framework. The PSP engine provides a framework for implementing a custom message-generation engine. For example, you might implement a PSP procedure to generate disclosures that must be read before a product can be sold (such as "Are you 21?") and then display those messages via Unified Messaging. This topic provides the general approach to implementing a custom message-generation engine.

To implement a custom message-generation engine

  1. Create new message types with associated responses and automated execution business services.
  2. Create a PSP procedure that generates a Message List property set and passes that list to the UMS using the Update Messages method.
    1. Use a new source name to distinguish these messages from others that are similar.
    2. Make sure all payload variables are populated.
    3. Make sure each message ID is unique and invariant.
  3. Set up run-time events or signals to execute the new message-generation engine at the desired points in the UI process flow.

    NOTE:  Make sure to set up events that clear messages when they no longer apply.

  4. Add the Message Display list applet or enable the Pop-Up Message list applet for the views where the new messages are relevant.
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