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About Using ISS Integration Objects with the Variable Map Mechanism

A schema of a particular entity, an integration object is metadata; it is a generalized representation or model of a particular set of data. A Siebel integration object is an object stored in the Siebel repository that represents a Siebel business object. An ISS integration object is a special type of Siebel integration object used exclusively within Siebel Order Management.

Generally, a Siebel integration object is used by Siebel EAI to transfer data between Siebel objects and external objects. ISS integration objects, on the other hand, are used to create mappings between business components and their Uniform Name mappings. In this way, while ISS integration uses the Siebel EAI structure used by a Siebel integration object—that is, a structure designed for data transfer—its main purpose is different from that of Siebel integration objects.

Using ISS integration objects, you can apply the same uniform names, such as "Line Item," to different business components (such as Quote Item, Order Item, and so on), because there is no difference between these business components as far as the PSP engine is concerned.

For general information on integration objects and how to build them, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

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