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General Commands for the Siebel ARM Query Tool

This section describes the general options for use with the Siebel ARM Query Tool. These include commands to display online help and to display progress information to the command window. Table 12 describes these commands.

Table 12. General Flags for the Siebel ARM Query Tool


Prints help.


Prints copyright information about the Siebel ARM Query Tool.


Prints the command line syntax to accomplish common aggregations, reports and conversions.


The Siebel ARM Query Tool supports a macro language. This flag prints the syntax of the macro language.


Prints an execution plan for a query without executing the query.


Use this flag to print only the results to the output console. No progress information appears when you specify this flag. You can specify that progress information be saved to a file as in the following example:

> sarmquery -output verbose=verbose.txt -input data.sarm -aggregate time=1

where progress information is saved to the file verbose.txt.

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