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Configuring Input for the Siebel ARM Query Tool

This section describes how you can specify the Siebel ARM file(s) that the Siebel ARM Query Tool uses. The Siebel ARM Query Tool converts binary Siebel ARM files into readable output for analysis. Table 14 describes the available input options.

All the options described Table 14 are preceded by the option -input.

Table 14. Input Flags for the Siebel ARM Query Tool


Specifies a binary Siebel ARM file (.sarm).


Specifies a directory that contains Siebel ARM files. The Siebel ARM Query Tool processes all Siebel ARM files that it finds in the specified directory.


A literal keyword that tells Siebel ARM query to read a list of Siebel ARM file names from standard input. You specify one Siebel ARM file or a directory name per line. The following are examples of valid input:

> sarmquery .

> sarmquery -input d:\sarmdata

> sarmquery d:\sarmdata\srvr1 d:\sarmdata\srvr2

> dir /s /b *.sarm | sarmquery -input stdin

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