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Testing Performance for Web Clients

Siebel Expert Services offers general guidance based on information known about the characteristics of the configured Siebel application. However, customer testing is advised, because assumptions are based on general data. Actual experience can vary due to use-case scenarios. Select a few of the most common scenarios: those that represent the highest percentage of activity. Collect the overall bandwidth used.

Make sure you are testing with warm views (already visited and cached) if this is how the application will be used most of the time—if users log in and use the application for 4-8 hours at a time before logging off and starting a new session.

When you estimate bandwidth required for several users sharing a low-bandwidth connection, consider use-cases carefully and plan accordingly. Rather than planning for worst-case network-performance scenarios (such as all users simultaneous pressing the Enter key or visiting a new view), it is likely that very few users are actually using the network at the same time.

For more information about performance monitoring, see Monitoring Siebel Application Performance with Siebel ARM.

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