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Improving Performance for Communications Configurations

When you deploy session communications, you create communications configurations, define employees as agents, and associate each agent with one or more configurations. How you do these things affects performance and scalability.

In a deployment supporting a large number of agents across multiple physical sites, you must determine criteria for grouping your agents within configurations.

For example, some dialing filters you define, using the parameter DialingFilter.RuleN, may be appropriate for agents at a specific place, such as within the same country or area code. Other dialing filters may be suitable for a different set of agents.

In addition, some switch, teleset, or CTI middleware settings are reflected in your communications configuration, and may differ between physical locations.

It may be helpful to define a communications configuration to apply to users at a single location only. In addition to simplifying the process of defining communications configurations, telesets, or other elements, this approach can help you reduce demand on server resources such as AOM memory or CPU.

If call transfers or similar functions are to be supported between contact centers, additional configuration issues apply.

For more information about defining communications configurations and agents, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

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