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Improving Screen Pop Performance for Siebel CTI Connect

If you are using Siebel CTI Connect, you can use another method to improve screen pop performance. For general considerations, see Improving Screen Pop Performance.

A screen pop triggered by an agent answering a call generally involves a small lag time from when the agent answers the call to when the CTI middleware connects the agent with the caller. For Siebel CTI Connect, you can reduce this lag time.

The Siebel CTI Connect communications driver for Siebel CTI Connect includes the EventAnswerCall device event. This event is triggered whenever the AnswerCall device command is invoked by the Siebel CTI Connect driver—typically, when an agent answers a call using the communications toolbar. The EventAnswerCall event occurs before Siebel CTI Connect sends the corresponding TpAnswered event, and thus provides extra time in which to generate the screen pop.

To use this feature, create an event handler definition based on the EventAnswerCall device event. This event handler invokes an event response that generates a screen pop and invokes the appropriate event logs.

For more information, including examples, see Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

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