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Siebel Email Response Infrastructure

Siebel Email Response uses Communications Server components to enable contact center agents to read and respond to inbound email messages.

It is important to understand the infrastructure that supports Siebel Email Response communications in order to prevent or address performance issues in this area.

Siebel Email Response performance is addressed in this section and in:

Key Server Components

Siebel Email Response is supported in the Siebel Server environment primarily by the following components:

  • Communications Inbound Receiver (CommInboundRcvr). Receives and queues inbound work items, and queues them for processing by Communications Inbound Processor.
    • For nonreal-time work items, such as email messages for most deployments of Siebel Email Response, Communications Inbound Receiver queues work items it has received for further processing by Communications Inbound Processor.
    • For real-time work items, such as phone calls for Siebel CTI or email messages for some deployments of Siebel Email Response, Communications Inbound Receiver processes work items it has received. Communications Inbound Processor is not used.
  • Communications Inbound Processor (CommInboundProcessor). Processes inbound work items that were queued by Communications Inbound Receiver.
  • Communications Outbound Manager (CommOutboundMgr). Sends outbound email or other types of messages.
  • Siebel File System Manager (FSMSrvr). Writes to and reads from the Siebel File System. This component stores inbound messages prior to processing and stores attachments to inbound and outbound email messages.

Other Siebel Components or Modules

In addition to Siebel Email Response, you may be using the following Siebel components or modules:

  • Siebel Smart Answer. This module analyzes the content of email and search requests and returns an automatic response or suggests one or more responses to the user for approval.

    Siebel Smart Answer is based on third-party products from Banter. See Siebel Smart Answer Administration Guide and consult Banter documentation provided on Siebel Business Applications Third-Party Bookshelf.

    For more information, see Performance for Siebel Smart Answer.

  • Siebel Assignment Manager. This module may be used for routing email messages to agents.

Third-Party Email Server

Siebel Email Response works in conjunction with your third-party email server. Review information presented in documentation for your email server for any requirements that affect your deployment. For information about supported email servers, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

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