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Tuning Siebel Configurator for Performance

This chapter describes some issues that affect the performance and throughput of server-based deployments of Siebel Configurator, and provides guidelines for tuning this module to achieve and maintain optimal performance and scalability. It contains the following topics:

Siebel Configurator provides product configuration and solution-computing capabilities, and can be deployed as a server-based or browser-based module.

NOTE:  This chapter covers Siebel Configurator server-based deployments only. For additional information, see Siebel Product Administration Guide.

Siebel Configurator is one of the Siebel Order Management modules. These modules work together to support various phases in conducting commerce, including online selling.

For more information about Siebel Configurator, see the following documents on the Siebel Bookshelf:

  • Siebel Product Administration Guide
  • Siebel System Administration Guide

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