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Siebel Configurator Infrastructure

Siebel Configurator uses several infrastructure elements to manage configuration sessions. Siebel Configurator is supported in the Siebel Server environment by the following components:

  • Application Object Manager (AOM). Siebel Configurator functions may be performed within the AOM, such as Call Center Object Manager (alias SCCObjMgr_enu in a U.S. English environment) for Siebel Call Center.
  • Siebel Product Configuration Object Manager (alias eProdCfgObjMgr_jpn in a Japanese locale). An optional component, suitable for some Siebel Configurator deployments, that processes configuration requests for user sessions submitted from an AOM component. Typically, this component is run on a separate Siebel Server machine than the one running the AOM. Multiple instances of this component can be run on the separate Siebel Server machine where it is possible to distribute requests across the various instances. For more information, see Topology Considerations for Siebel Configurator.

    NOTE:  The three letter extension to the alias of the Siebel Product Configuration Object Manager (jpn in our example of eProdCfgObjMgr_jpn) corresponds to the value for the Locale Code parameter (alias LocaleCode) associated with this Application Object Manager. For more information about the Locale Code parameter, see the Siebel Global Deployment Guide.

For more information about elements of the internal architecture of Siebel Configurator, including Instance Broker (Complex Object Instance Service business service) and Object Broker (Cfg Object Broker business service), see Siebel Product Administration Guide.

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