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Updating the Siebel Configurator Cache with Attribute Definition Changes

While editing an attribute definition record, a product administrator can select Update Cache to remove the version access keys of an attribute definition record from the Siebel Configurator cache for all versions of the selected attribute definition. This forces the application to consult the database the next time it requires a version access key. A product administrator must select Update Cache if he or she modifies a non-versioned cached property such as, for example, an attribute definition name. If the product administrator does not select Update Cache, an AOM that has a version already cached uses the old version.

For more information about administration options for the Siebel Configurator cache, see Administering the Siebel Configurator Cache.

To refresh the cache with attribute definition changes

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Attribute Definitions.

    The Attribute Definitions list applet appears.

  2. Select an attribute definition and modify it as needed.
  3. From the menu in the Attribute Definitions list, choose Update Cache.
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