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Specifying the Siebel Configurator File System Location

Siebel Configurator uses a file system directory to cache all configuration related object definitions. The server parameter, Product Configurator - FS location (alias eProdCfgCacheFS), specifies the location. Specify a value for this parameter to reference a server directory path which has write permission. For example, \\MyServer\SibFS\SiebConfig.

NOTE:  The value for the directory that you specify must be network-accessible.

It is recommended that you do not specify a top-level directory. For example, if the directory SibFS is a top-level directory, then specify a sub-directory such as SiebConfig.

If you do not specify a value for eProdCfgCacheFS, then Siebel Configurator attempts to use the Siebel File System. If the Siebel File System uses the File System Manager (alias FSMSrvr) component, Siebel Configurator does not cache object definitions to the file system. For more information about the Siebel File System, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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