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Creating Proper Statistics on EIM Tables

Use of the .IFB file parameter UPDATE STATISTICS is only applicable to the DB2 database platform. This parameter can control whether EIM dynamically updates the statistics of EIM tables. The default setting is TRUE. This parameter can be used to create a set of statistics on the EIM tables that you can save and then reapply to subsequent runs. After you have determined this optimal set of statistics, you can turn off the UPDATE STATISTICS parameter in the .IFB file (UPDATE STATISTICS = FALSE) thereby saving time during the EIM runs.

To determine the optimal set of statistics, you need to run several test batches and RUNSTATS commands with different options to see what produces the best results.

Before and after each test, you should execute db2look utility in mimic mode to save the statistics from the database system catalogs. For example, if you are testing EIM runs using EIM_CONTACT1 in database SIEBELDB, the following command generates UPDATE STATISTICS commands in the file EIM_CONTACT1_mim.sql:

db2look -m -a -d SIEBELDB -t EIM_CONTACT1 -o

The file EIM_CONTACT1_mim.sql contains SQL UPDATE statements to update database system catalog tables with the saved statistics.

You can experiment with running test EIM batches after inserting the RUNSTATS commands provided in DB2 Version 8 Options. After you find the set of statistics that works best, you can apply that particular mim.sql file to the database.

NOTE:  Do not forget to save statistics with db2look between runs.

DB2 Version 8 Options

The syntax for DB2 V8 commands provides more options, as follows:

  • shrlevel change
  • allow write access
  • allow read access

The clauses allow read access and shrlevel change provide the greatest concurrency.

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