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Tuning the HP Apache Web Server for HP-UX

This section provides recommended initial settings for HP Apache Web Server environment variables. You can further modify these settings at your discretion to optimize the performance of your Web server.

The default ThreadLimit for the HP Apache Web Server is 64, but it can be set it to a much higher number. The highest setting depends on the kernel settings. ThreadsPerChild and MaxClients are related directives.

  • ThreadLimit = 20000 is the maximum value supported by the HP Apache Web Server. You can reset this to the number your system supports.

    NOTE:  The ThreadLimit directive must be executed before other directives.

  • ThreadsPerChild = Number of threads per child. Cannot exceed ThreadLimit.
  • MaxClients = Maximum connection. Cannot exceed ThreadsPerChild.

To set the number of threads for HP Apache Web Server

  1. Using a text editor, set values for parameters in the workers.c section of the file Web_server_install/conf/httpd.conf, where Web_server_install is the root directory in which your Web server is installed. Set the parameter values as follows:


















    N = A value similar to 1.2 or 1.5 * maximum number of concurrent users (threads). The value for the applicable parameters must be greater than the number of concurrent users the Web server must support. However, setting parameter values higher than what is described here will consume additional memory unnecessarily.

    NOTE:  If you are not using multiplex sessions, make sure the kernel parameter max_thread_proc is set to a number greater than 2N.

  2. Change the values for User and Group to a valid machine user and group:
    • Ideally, the user ID should have no privileges that allow access to files other than those used by the Siebel application. This user should, however, have full access rights (read, write, execute) to the SWSE installation directory and its subdirectories.
    • It is recommended that the group should be created specifically for running this server.

      CAUTION:  For security reasons, it is recommended not to use root for User or Group.

  3. Set MaxKeepAliveRequests to 0.
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