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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Performance Tuning Guide, Version 8.0

Table 1 lists changes described in this version of the documentation to support Version 8.0 of Siebel Business Applications from Oracle.

Table 1. New Features in Siebel Performance Tuning Guide, Version 8.0

Configuring Database Connection Pooling for AOMs

Revised topic. When you enable database connection pooling, multiple user sessions no longer share one default database connection; they share a pool of database connections.

Administering the Siebel Configurator Cache

Revised topic. This release allows you to refresh the Siebel Configurator cache with changes made to customizable products, product classes, and attribute definitions in one operation.

Database Guidelines for Optimizing EIM

Revised topic. This topic contains a number of new recommendations for optimizing EIM performance on the IBM DB2 UDB database.

Tuning Siebel Remote for Performance

Revised topic. This chapter contains a number of new recommendations for optimizing the performance of Siebel Remote.

Monitoring Siebel Application Performance with Siebel ARM

New chapter. This chapter provides an overview of the Siebel Application Response Measurement (Siebel ARM) feature.

Analyzing Siebel ARM Data

New chapter. This chapter describes how to use a new command-line tool, the Siebel ARM Query Tool, to analyze Siebel ARM data.

Information that appeared in previous editions of this guide describing how to use the Siebel ARM Analyzer Tool also appears in this chapter.

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