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Other Functions

Table 40 lists other functions. See also Functions.

Table 40. Other Functions

SystemPreference ("Pref")

Get value of system preference. These values are found in the Administration - Application screen > System Preferences view.

For example:

SystemPreference (""Auto Mgr Calendar Access"")

returns TRUE.

LoginId ()

Returns the Login ID of the logged in user.

BCName ()

Returns the name of the active business component.

For example:

BCName ()

returns ""Account"".

Currency ()

Returns the currency for the position of the logged in user.

For example: USD

LocalCurrency ()

Returns the currency for the machine.

For example: JPY

Language ()

Language code (for example, ENU) that is the active client language setting.

The language code is set by either the Language parameter in the .cfg file, or by the /L parameter when starting Oracle's Siebel application.

RowidToRowidNum ()

Converts the Row ID of a record to a number.

For example:

RowidToRowidNum ()

returns the unique integer translation of Rowid.

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