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Defining Discount Matrices

When you create a discount matrix, you specify what type of discount matrix it is, and which criteria dimensions will be shown in the Discount Details list applet.

To define a discount matrix

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Discount Matrices View.
  2. Add a new record to the Discount Matrices list and complete the necessary fields, as described in the following table.


    Enter a name for the discount matrix.


    This field displays the status of the discount matrix. When you click the Complete Definition button, the value changes from In Progress to Active. You cannot enter any discount details until the status is Active.

    Discount Matrix Type

    Select one of the discount matrix types. The options are:

  3. In the Discount Criteria list, add records for all the criteria dimensions that you want exposed in the discount matrix.

    The criteria dimensions that you can add depend on the value selected in the Discount Matrix Type field in Step 2.

  4. After all the necessary criteria dimensions are added, click Complete Definition in the Discount Matrix list applet.

    Clicking this button freezes the definition of the discount matrix. After this step, you cannot change the discount matrix type or the criteria dimensions.

  5. In the Discount Matrix list, click the name of the new discount matrix.

    The Discount Details list appears. It includes the criteria dimensions that you selected in Step 3 and the default calculation and result dimensions.

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