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Viewing and Changing the Reference Price

To give customers an accurate idea of the price they might expect to pay for a component-based product, Siebel Pricer calculates a reference price, which is the price of the product with its default options. The reference price is displayed to the customer in the Starting At Price field in the product catalog.

For the Starting At Price to function as expected, child components of the product must have a minimum cardinality greater than zero(0) to be reflected in the reference price. If the minimum cardinality is not set for a child component, then its price is not reflected in the reference price. Any component that is part of the default instance is used to evaluate the Starting At Price. Out of the box, only products with the price type one-time are included in the evaluation of the Starting At Price; products with price types recurring and usage are not included.

NOTE:  The default instance used for evaluation is based on the most effective applicable version of the component pricing.

Siebel Pricer displays both the list price and the reference price for the component-based product. The list price is the price for the root component. If you click Check Starting At Price, Siebel Pricer adds the list price and the price of all the default components. This calculation does not include any attribute pricing adjustments that would come from default attributes.

In the catalog, this value is displayed to customers in the Starting At field. This value is displayed only for component-based products.

To change default the reference price, click the Edit button in the top applet. You can then edit the reference price manually.

The value displayed to customers does not change unless the pricing administrator clicks the Check Starting At Price again or overwrites the reference price manually.

NOTE:  The reference price is used for products with components, including component-based products and bundles. It does not apply to attribute-based products.

Out of the box, the application executes the Basic Pricing Procedure. However, the basic pricing procedure does not execute CP pricing. To be consistent, the Check Starting At Price button calls the same procedure as the run-time application (therefore, OOTB, the basic pricing procedure) to determine the starting price for a customizable product. This ensures that the administrative user sees the same price as the end user.

Customers who have the Dynamic Pricer license and want to use CP Pricing need to enable the dynamic pricing procedure, as detailed in the Dynamic Pricing Procedure Workflow section in this guide. In this procedure, the customer changes the CalculatePrice_Configurator signal to call the dynamic pricing procedure.

This change ensures that the administrative user will see the effect of CP Price Adjustments in the starting price that is generated by clicking the Check Starting At Price button, and that the end user will see the effect of CP Price Adjustments in the starting price of the CP and its components in the Configurator's running time.

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