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Multiple Currencies in a Quote, Order, or Agreement

One quote, order, or agreement can include prices from multiple price lists that are in different currencies, because the sales representative can use a different price list for an individual line item, if necessary.

In the header, when a user selects the price list, the currency of that price list is automatically entered in the Currency field. All totals for the quote, order, or agreement are in this currency.

In the line items, the default price list is the one selected in the header. However, users can select a currency in the line item, and the line item will use the price list for that currency. Users work with currencies by using the fields described in Table 17.

Table 17. Fields Used to Work with Multiple Currencies

Currency Code

Enter the code for the currency.

Exchange Date

Enter the date used for currency conversion. The system uses the exchange rate on that day to convert currencies.

For more information, see the section on creating quotes and orders in Siebel Order Management Guide.

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