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Defining Contract Pricing in the Discount Matrices View

Discount matrices allow you to manage pricing entitlements for products or groups of products in one view.

For more detailed information about creating a discount matrix, see Creating Discount Matrices.

To define contract pricing in the Discount Matrices view

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Discount Matrices view.
  2. Add a new record to the Discount Matrices list and complete the necessary fields.

    In the Discount Matrix Type field, select Entitlement-Based Adjustment.

  3. In the Discount Criteria list, specify the fields that you want exposed in the discount matrix:
    1. Add a field to identify the entitlement, such as Entitlement.
    2. Add a field to identify the product or group of products, such as Product.
  4. After all the fields are added, click Complete Definition.
  5. In the Discount Matrix list, click the name of the new discount matrix.
  6. In the Discount Details list, add one or more records.

    In each record:

    1. Select a value in the field that identifies the product.
    2. Select a value in the field that identifies the entitlement.
    3. Use the Adjustment Type and Adjustment Value to specify the adjustment that those products get when sold through that entitlement.
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