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Giving the Customer the Best Entitlement Price

When a sales representative creates a quote for a customer who may have special contract-based pricing, the sales representative clicks the Entitle button to fill in the entitlements that apply to each line item.

You must modify the pricing procedure to apply the discount based on the entitlement returned. The best entitlement pricing works only off of the list price. For more information, see Siebel Field Service Guide.

To give the customer the best entitlement price

  1. Create a quote or order, as described in Siebel Order Management Guide.
  2. After adding all the line items, in the Quote Header form, click Entitle.

    In each line item where there is an entitlement that applies, the Entitlement Name field is filled in with the name of the entitlement. That entitlement is used to calculate pricing for that line item.

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