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Process of Creating a Price List

A price list consists of one price list header record that is associated with multiple line item records. The header record contains general information about the price list as a whole. The line item records contain prices for specific products.

There are two types of line items:

  • Sales products. Enter line items for sales products in the Price List Line Items view.
  • Service products. Enter line items for service products in the Service Pricing view.

A single price list can contain one or both of these types of line items. For more information about sales and service products, see About Sales Products and Service Products.

To create a new price list, perform the following tasks:

  1. Creating a Price List Header
  2. Creating Price List Line Items for Products
  3. Creating Price List Line Items for Service Products

NOTE:  Creating a price list line item for a product with components is more complex than creating a line item for a simple product. Consult with a Siebel Administrator before creating price lists for products with components. For more information about products with components, see Setting Up Pricing for Products with Components.

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