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Creating the Product Promotion Record

Create the Product Promotion record, which contains general information about the entire product promotion.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Product Promotions.

NOTE:  When you create a Product Promotion record, you specify the effective dates for the promotion. Before you do this, it can be useful to view a schedule of all your product promotions. For more information, see Viewing the Schedules of All Product Promotions.

To create a product promotion record

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen > Product Promotions view.
  2. Add a new record to the promotions list and complete the necessary fields. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Enter a name for the promotion.


    Select the type of the promotion. Options are coupon and bundled promotion. For more information about these types, see About Product Promotions.


    Select a value that specifies how many times a customer is allowed to use this promotion. Options are One Per Customer, One Per Order, and No Limit.

    Effective Dates

    This field displays the start date and end date of the period when this promotion is effective. Users can edit these dates in the Versions view.

    Track as Asset

    Select this check box to track the promotion as an asset. This is necessary if you provide ongoing service to the buyer of the promotion, or have some other reason to keep a record of which buyers have purchased the promotion. For more information, see the section about asset-based ordering in Siebel Order Management Guide.

    NOTE:  This check box applies only to the promotion, not to the products in it. To track products within the promotion as assets, you must select the Track as Asset check box for these products in the Administration - Products screen > Products view.

    Show in Catalog

    Select this check box to display the promotion in the product catalogs, so the end user can choose it in quotes and orders the same way the end user chooses a product.

    If you select the check box for bundle promotions, end users can select the bundle promotion in a catalog to add all the products in the promotion to a quote or order.

    You generally do not select this check box for coupon promotions. For coupon promotions, end users generally add the product, and then select a coupon promotion that is available for that product.

    Promotion ID

    This field displays a unique, system-generated ID for the promotion.


    Select an image file that will display if this promotion is shown in a catalog. Before you can select this, you must set up the image, as described in Setting Up Image Files for Product Promotions.


    Select one or more organizations to give them visibility to this promotion. Users who are not in these organizations cannot see this promotion in the Siebel application. For more information about organizations, see Siebel Security Guide.


    If the promotion is part of a marketing campaign, select the campaign. For more information about campaigns, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.


    Enter the ranking that determines where on the list of product promotion recommendations this promotion will appear when the end user displays recommendations. Promotions with higher scores appear higher on the list. For more information, see the section about recommendations in Siebel Order Management Guide.


    Enter a message for the promotion.

    Track as Agreement

    Select this check box to track the promotion as an agreement. This is necessary if the agreement involves some ongoing commitment to the customer that you must refer to in the future. For more information about agreements, see Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide.

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