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Process of Creating Product Promotions

To create a product promotion, perform the following tasks:

  1. Setting Up Image Files for Product Promotions
  2. Creating the Product Promotion Record
  3. Specifying Products for Product Promotions
  4. Specifying Pricing for Product Promotions
  5. Defining Eligibility Rules for Product Promotions
  6. Defining Compatibility Rules for Product Promotions
  7. Customizing Recommendation Messages for Product Promotions
  8. Creating Translations of Recommendation Messages for Product Promotions
  9. Specifying Terms and Conditions of Product Promotions
  10. Releasing the Product Promotion
  11. Activating Workflows for Product Promotion

NOTE:  When you create the new Product Promotion record, a version named Work Space is automatically created and the Locked check box is automatically selected in Product Promotions screen > Versions view. This check box must be selected to change the Effective Dates of the promotion. You do not have to lock the version to change any other information about a promotion, but to see the changes at run time, the user must select Refresh Cache from an applet-level menu item of the promotion header form. For more information, see Managing Versions of Product Promotions.

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