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Using eAdvisor to Manage a Benefits Eligibility Assessment

This task is a step in Process of Managing Benefits Cases.

Intake agents can administer assessment questions using eAdvisor as an eligibility assessment tool. This process may be used for discrete programs with clear guidelines where eligibility can be determined based on the answers to assessment questions. Final eligibility is often granted after the information given by the applicant is verified as accurate and complete. This tool also can be used by an applicant using a self-service Web site.

NOTE:  Siebel eAdvisor is a separate module that organizations may purchase for purposes of eligibility determination.

To use eAdvisor for an Eligibility Assessment

  1. Open the Siebel eAdvisor tool, and click on the Name of the appropriate assessment test.
  2. Read the first question to the applicant, and enter or select the appropriate answer.
  3. After each response, review the dynamic information being tracked on the right-side of the screen.

    If a question disqualifies the applicant, inform the applicant that they do not meet the criteria, and read the information provided with the disqualification message.

  4. Click Continue to proceed with additional questions after a complete page of questions has been asked.

    After completing all questions, the assessment test may provide a notification that the applicant is potentially eligible.

  5. Click Continue to complete the applicant's application on the next screen.
  6. Click Submit after the requested application data for each field is completed.
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