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About Location Tracking

Using Oracle's Siebel Location Tracking, agencies can standardize locations that have multiple addresses like malls, hotels, office parks, or campuses. Users can also specify an area which lacks address information—for example, an intersection or the north end of a lake. This means that even locations without any precise address information can still be included when capturing information for a case, lead, or incident.

Latitude and longitude pairs or Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) values can be associated with a single location. This provides agencies with a variety of address formats that they can use when describing a specific location. For example, a location could be described as Central Park, corner of 5th and Main Streets, parking lot G. The combination of a specific location with a descriptive label helps encourage faster response to developing incidents in addition to building a richer repository of data for use in later analysis.

Siebel Location Tracking can also be integrated with the Geographic Information System (GIS), which provides a graphical representation of the location. Most GIS systems support an application programming interface (API) which is accessible using a C/C++, Java, .Net, or Web Services interface. The generic solution is to integrate GIS systems using Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). See the following guides for more information on EAI: Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration, Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration, Business Processes and Rules: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration, Siebel Application Services Interface Reference, XML Reference: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration, and Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration. Some GIS systems provide libraries or dynamically linked libraries (DLLs) which you can call using a business service or eScript.

NOTE:  Integration with GIS requires the engagement of Oracle's Siebel Expert Services or the services of a certified partner. This is because connectors or adapters for GIS are not provided out of the box with Public Sector.

Agencies can provide external mapping applications, integrated with Siebel data with precise geo-coded location information for use in GIS analysis. For example, using GIS integration with Siebel Location Tracking, agents can search for incidents reported within a two-mile radius of a highway construction project or for suspicious activity associated with a crime spree in a particular neighborhood.

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