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Adding New Serialization Rules

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Cases.

The serialization rules provided with the Public Sector application are based on case serialization—HLS Case is the business object for the parent rule, Case Rule. These rules can be edited to generate serial numbers in the format required by your organization—see About Editing the Default Serialization Rules for more information. However, if it is a requirement that serialization be performed on certain items independently of the Case Rule, you can configure serialization on additional parent business objects.

This topic contains the following related subtopics:

Guidelines for Serializing Additional Parent Business Objects

The business components that are based on the CSSBCPUBBase class support serialization. If you install patch, serialization is expanded to support business components that are based on the CSSBCBase class. The following guidelines should be referred to when configuring serialization on additional business objects and components:

  • Parent business components to be serialized must contain a Local Counter field.
  • Business components to be serialized must contain a Serial Number field.
  • Counter business components must contain a counter for the parent business object (Case Counter, Evidence Counter, Lead Counter, and so on) and a Global Counter field.

    As part of this task, the S_CASE_SEQ_CTR counter table must also be updated to include a column for the parent business component.

  • You cannot have more than one rule based on the same business object and business component.
  • Serialization rules and attributes must be defined in the Administration - Case screen > Serialization Rules view for any additional serialized business objects and components.
  • If you create new rules to replace the default lead or evidence serialization, you must delete the appropriate default rule.

    For example, you can create a new Lead Rule and Evidence Rule which could be used instead of the default rules (Case Lead Rule and Case Evidence Rule) to serialize leads and evidence. These records would have PUB Evidence or PUB Lead as their parent business object and, unlike the current rules, would not have the Case Rule as their parent rule. If the user then, for example, creates a new evidence record, the evidence serial number generated is based solely on the defined attributes—it does not include any reference to the case serial number.

  • As new columns are being added to the tables, these changes must also be reflected in the database. See Using Siebel Tools for more information.
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