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Scenario for Health Threat and Response Management

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by public health agency managers. Your agency may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

An epidemiologist with a Disease Control Agency (DCA) receives reports of an outbreak of monkeypox in humans from doctors in the southwestern states. Compiling information from reports as well as from research completed by lab colleagues, the epidemiologist creates a new disease record which includes an overview of the disease, a diagnosis, the disease symptoms, and public health response procedures. In the disease record, the epidemiologist identifies three of her colleagues, who specialize in animal-transmitted diseases, as disease experts.

The epidemiologist begins tracking the spread of the disease and creates case records for each of the doctors that contacted her about a disease outbreak. The epidemiologist also attaches several recent news articles about the disease to the disease record.

The epidemiologist creates several Frequently Asked Questions documents (FAQs) for publication to provide accurate information to the public about the disease. After finalizing the content of the FAQs, the epidemiologist publishes them on the DCA Web site.

Several weeks later, a biomedical company announces that it has developed a human vaccine for monkeypox. The epidemiologist creates a medication record for monkeypox vaccine and enters the details provided by the company. The epidemiologist associates the vaccine with the monkeypox disease record.

The epidemiologist arranges for a shipment of 1,000 units of the vaccine from the biomedical company to the DCA warehouse and creates an inventory transaction record to document the delivery of the vaccine. After the vaccine arrives, the epidemiologist initiates another inventory transaction to transfer 250 units of monkeypox vaccine to an affected state's Health Department, in response to the monkeypox outbreak in that state.

Updating the Disease Knowledge Base

At a DCA call center, an agent receives a call regarding monkeypox from a physician in Colorado. The agent creates a incident record to record the incident reported by the doctor, a description of the patient's symptoms, and contact information for the physician's office. The agent then searches the knowledgebase for FAQs and a document to send the doctor.

After reviewing the information with the doctor, the agent discovers a question that is not covered by the DCA's current documentation and opens a service request. The agent offers to call the physician back, and escalates the new question to a manager.

The manager contacts the epidemiologist to research the question. The epidemiologist updates the FAQ with the new information, and releases it to the call center manager. The call center manager posts the new FAQ information, and alerts the agent about the new information. The agent calls the primary contact at the doctor's office, delivers the new information, and closes the request.

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