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Creating and Modifying Health Topic Content

This task is a step in Process of Managing Public Health Cases.

As agents receive unanticipated questions about health topics, they alert managers to the need for new content. The manager has administrative authority to create content projects to add or update items in the content library.

For more information on Content Management, see topics on Content Center in the Siebel Content Publishing Guide. See also Contributing to and Approving Content for Health Topics.

To create and modify public health topic content

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Solution screen > Solutions view.
  2. In the Solutions list (or form), add a new record, and specify the Name, FAQ, and Description.

    The description is the answer to the question.

  3. In the Solution record, click the link in the Solution Name field.
  4. Click the Resolution Documents view tab, and add any relevant attachments.
  5. Categorize the solution, as appropriate, using the Solution Categories view.
  6. When the solution is complete, update the Status from Draft to Final, and select the check boxes for Publish Internal and Publish External, as appropriate.

    Publish Internal shares the solution with appropriate Oracle Siebel users, while Publish External makes the solution available on Oracle's Siebel customer Web application.

  7. Navigate to the Diseases screen, and query for the disease.
  8. In the Disease record, click the link in the Disease Name field, and navigate to the Disease FAQs view.
  9. In the Disease FAQs list, create a new record and associate the newly created Solution with the Disease record.
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