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About Tracking Evidence for Cases

Public Sector allows agencies to effectively track and manage items of evidence, providing a flexible repository of physical items. The same piece of evidence can be related to several incident, lead, and case records. Agents can relate items of evidence within and between cases to establish key investigative links. Evidence items can be serialized as part of a case, using the specific numbering methodology of a public agency.

Evidence collected at a crime scene (for example, a weapon) can be initially recorded as an asset and then converted to an evidence record in multiple cases. Agents can link several evidence items with the same underlying asset.

NOTE:  For social services or benefits cases, a person's identifying documents can serve as evidence in multiple cases across departments and programs.

Using activity templates or specific instructions, agencies can standardize the handling of different types of evidence. Start and end times can be entered for items of evidence, which can be useful when tracking documents that are only valid for a specific amount of time—for example, yearly employment verification documents.

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