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Approving Cases and Leads Using the Inbox

This task is a step in Process of Managing Investigative Cases.

When a case or lead is submitted for approval, it is routed to the Inbox of the next approver in the chain. The sequencing and number of approvals is determined by the selected approval template. To approve or reject a submitted lead or case:

  1. Navigate to the Inbox screen.
  2. Select a record for approval and drill down on the Name field.
  3. Check the record details.
  4. Navigate back to the Inbox screen and change the status as required:
    • Change the Action value to Approved if none of the details need to be changed. The record is routed to the next approver's Inbox.
    • Change the Action value to Received to indicate that you have begun work on this item but not yet approved or rejected it.
    • Change the Action value to Rejected if the record is currently unacceptable. In these circumstances, the fields in the record once more become editable so that the agent can resume work on them.
    • Change the Action value to Cancelled if further action is no longer required on the item—for example, if the case is no longer being investigated. The case status is Closed.

Notes on Case or Lead Approval

Observe the following behavior when approving or rejecting a case or lead approval:

  • If a case is rejected by the approver, the case status changes to Rejected. The status can be edited by the case worker, and the Submit button is enabled.
  • If a case is approved by the approver, the case status changes to Active. The status can be edited by the case worker, and both the Submit and Recall buttons are disabled.
  • If a case is submitted, the case becomes read-only. But the case worker can click the Recall button, upon which, the case is editable once again and the case status changes to Active.

Case or Lead Approvers View (Case Worker)

When a user picks an approval template in a case or lead applet, all approvers for that template are automatically populated into the case or lead approvers view, except if your position is under the approval template. In this event, it is not populated in the approver list. That is, you cannot approve your own case.

The Approval Status field in the Case approvers view is empty before anyone approves or rejects it. Afterwards, this field is automatically set to Approved or Rejected.

If a case worker resubmits a rejected case, the approval status field is cleared.

The Case or Lead Approvers List applet is read only. No editing, deleting or adding a new record is permitted in order to maintain the integrity of the approval process.

Case Approval

Case approvers cannot approve cases that they have submitted. Such cases are not routed to the case approver's inbox even if you add the approver to the approval template.

If a case template has more than one approver, the submitted case is routed to the case inbox of the approvers based on the predefined sequence. If any approver rejects the case, the case status is changed to Rejected. A case worker can work on this case to provide more information before re-submitting it for approval. In this event, the case needs to be re-approved. The approval process needs to go through all the approvers again, starting with the first approver.

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