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Key Features of Siebel Public Sector

Using Public Sector, government and municipal agencies can manage:

  • Case information from initial referral through case investigation, and benefits delivery.
  • Self-service processes for information, eligibility assessment, single-application filing for multiple programs, and claims.
  • Communications for agency-to-citizen, agency-to-agency, and agency-to-third party providers.
  • Assignment of high volumes of cases to employees based up their skills and availability.
  • Data integration from multiple channels and back-office applications, giving case workers a comprehensive view of the citizen.
  • Automatic population of PDF forms, such as immigration and visa applications, with Siebel data. See the Siebel Applications Administration Guide for more information on setting up and using Adobe forms.
  • Team collaboration and information sharing among employees, agencies and partner organizations working on a case.
  • Case analysis reports.
  • Immigration and visitor stays.
  • Items of evidence, which can initially be logged as assets and then converted to evidence and associated with multiple cases.
  • Leads, in the form of clues or activities.
  • Tracking and escalation of incidents.
  • Case and lead approval routing using predefined templates.
  • Case, lead, evidence, and attachment serialization, performed hierarchically using predefined rules.
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