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Renaming, then Saving a Custom Report

This topic describes how to rename and save a custom report.

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Custom Report With Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.

To rename, then save a custom report

  1. Rename the NewReportApp top-level object to Testrept.

    It is recommended you use the same name, without the ROD extension, that you used for the ROD file that was generated in Siebel Tools in the procedure starting with Step 1.

    For more information, Renaming an Object.

  2. In the Project window, click the Class Testrept Subclass of AcReport project.

    You must perform this step to make sure the Super class pick list you use in a subsequent step in this procedure populates correctly.

  3. Right-click the Testrept tree in the Report Structure window, and then choose Properties.
  4. In the Properties window, click the Class tab, and then change the Super class value from AcReport to ssReport.

    This is an important step. Siebel reports must inherit properties from the Siebel standard report, ssReport, instead of directly from the Actuate report, AcReport. ssReport is provided in sscustom.rol and inherits properties from baseReport from sssiebel.rol.

    NOTE:  You cannot perform this step until you have included the sssiebel.rol library, as described in Step 8.

    Two components are automatically added to the report when you change the report's class: a report section, ssRpt, and a pagelist section, ssPageList. To observe these additions, you must refresh the display by clicking another tab in the Properties window or by clicking outside the Properties window.

  5. Click the Properties tab, and then type Test Opportunity Report into the ssReportTitle property.

    This value is used in the window title for the report table of contents in the report viewer.

  6. From the application-level menu, choose File, and then Save As.
  7. Name the report Testrept.rod, specify a location where you want the report to be saved, for example $\Siebel\RPTSRC\CUSTOM, and then click Save.

Next, define content controls for a custom report. For more information, see Defining Content Controls for a Custom Report.

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