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Process of Creating a Custom Report With Actuate e.Report Designer Professional

To create a report design in Actuate e.Report Design Professional, depending on your project requirements, you can perform the following tasks in order provided below.

  1. Creating Object Definitions for a Custom Report
  2. Compiling Modified Object Definitions
  3. Creating a Design File For a Custom Report
  4. Renaming, then Saving a Custom Report
  5. Defining Content Controls for a Custom Report
  6. Defining Text Controls for a Custom Report
  7. Defining Labels for a Custom Report
  8. Building, Running, and Testing a Custom Report

To change the font used on text and label controls throughout the reports, you change the FaceName property on the ssTxt (text) and ssLbl (label) library components. Report text and label controls are derived from the ssTxt and ssLbl library components.

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