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How a Simple List Report Works

Figure 6 illustrates the structure of a simple list report.

Figure 6. Simple List Report Structure
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This list report includes the following major components:

  • Report Design. This is the top-level component in a report; it corresponds to the ROD file in which it resides. In a simple report, you do not need to modify the top-level component; you only add child components to it. In a more complex design, you may add global variables to the report design component.
  • Report Section. A report section groups together components that define the source of data, physical layout, and behavior of a master report or subreport.
  • DataStream. A datastream component defines the source of data for a report section. In simple Siebel reports, the datastream always consists of the contents of the data supply library (ROL) file, which defines the transfer of data from a Siebel view to the report. In more complex reports, additional datastreams may manipulate the data obtained from the library datastream.
  • Page Header Frame. A frame is a rectangular layout area for data controls, labels, and other visual components. The contents of the page header frame are displayed at the beginning of each new page. In a simple list report, the page header shows only the column headings for the report columns. In a more complex report with group breaks, the page header shows group break information, such as the account name and location for each group of opportunities by account.
  • Content Frame. The content frame defines the layout of one report row. Each data record that is obtained through the datastream is formatted according to the layout of data controls in the content frame.
  • Pagelist Section. The pagelist section defines the page layout of the report, including information to be presented at the top and bottom of the page, such as the report name, page number, and company logo. It also defines the area of the page that can be used for presenting data generated in report sections. You incorporate a standard Siebel report pagelist component and make modifications to a few properties, such as the report title.
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