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Actuate Libraries

Every Siebel report, whether standard or custom, includes the following libraries:

  • sssiebel.rol. This is also known as the Siebel library. It is derived from afc.rol and contains the base classes for the sscustom library. It is automatically included as a part of sscustom.rol. Do not modify the contents of sssiebel.rol.
  • sscustom.rol. This is also known as the Custom library. It is derived from the sssiebel.rol library. You can make modifications in sscustom.rol to make global changes to fonts, headings, and so on that globally impact reports. While making modifications is accepted, this file is not to be used as a scratch pad. Before making any changes to this library, make a backup copy of the out-of-the-box sscustom.rol file. Do not delete any files from this directory. You will frequently incorporate subclassed or copied objects from sscustom.rol into report design files you are creating or modifying.
  • <reportname>.rol. This is your data supply library file; there is one for each Actuate report used by your Siebel application. For example, the ACLIST (Account List) report will have a datastream file called Aclist.rol. The data supply library file is automatically generated by Siebel Tools for the currently selected report object definition when you choose the Generate Actuate Report option from the Tools menu.
  • sssiebel.bas. This is also known as the sssiebel BASIC file. It is a BASIC source code file containing methods used by Siebel reports, especially for object and data interfaces between Siebel and Actuate. It is included in standard reports by default and must be included in custom reports so that they work correctly for server reporting. Do not modify the contents of sssiebel.bas.
  • sscustom.bas. This is also known as the Custom BASIC file. It is a BASIC source code file containing reusable Actuate BASIC routines for inclusion in report designs.

Figure 2 illustrates the inheritance structure of components in a report design file.

Figure 2. Inheritance Structure of Components in a Siebel Report

The classes in the sssiebel.rol library are derived from the Actuate Foundation Class library. As shown in Figure 2, the classes in sscustom.rol are derived from sssiebel.rol classes. The sssiebel.rol library is a system layer providing a link between Actuate and Siebel applications. sssiebel.rol is reserved for Oracle product enhancements and must not be modified by a developer. The sscustom.rol library is provided for modifications by developers, although you might use most of its components unmodified in your report designs. You must never modify the sssiebel.rol library, only the sscustom.rol library.

NOTE:  Report developers must not use components from afc.rol or from the Actuate e.Report Designer Professional toolbar, or modify sssiebel.rol. When developing Siebel application reports, use only the sscustom.rol library.

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