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Building, Running, and Saving a Report

Use the following procedure to build, run, and save a report.

This task is a step in Process of Changing the Font on All Reports.

To build, run, and then save a report

  1. Build the report, and then run the report.

    For more information, see Using the Build and Run Command.

  2. Close the report.

    If the Save Modified Modules dialog box appears, click Yes. The Save Modified Modules dialog box notifies you that sscustom.rol has been modified and prompts you to save the changes.

  3. Close Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  4. Copy the aclist.rox file from the development directory, $\Siebdev\RPTSRC\[LANGUAGE]\STANDARD, to the executables directory, $\Siebel_client\REPORTS\[LANGUAGE].

    For more information, see Siebel Reports Directory Structure and About Language Extensions.

  5. In the Siebel client, make sure the Account list still appears, click Reports, and then choose Account List.

    The revised Account List report appears in the browser screen.

For your change to sscustom.rol to affect other reports, you must recompile the other reports.

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