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Example of Creating a Report with Graphics

You can add a summary graph to the After section in a report containing a group break. The graph will appear at the end of each page, following the detail records. The graph summarizes the information on each page.

In this example, the standard Opportunities - by source report—which lists opportunities for each source on a separate page—is modified to include a bar graph at the end of each page. The bar graph aggregates the opportunities by month. The custom report you create will provide such a graph for each group of opportunities with the same source, rather than once for the entire report.

Subclass the existing OPSRC report for the sake of keeping the example simple. Normally you would create a new report design.

To create an Opportunities By Source report with graphics

  1. In Actuate e.Report Designer Professional, choose File, Open, and then in the dialog box that appears, choose Opsrs.rol.
  2. Save this file as OpSrsTest.rol.
  3. Double-click the root object. Change the following property values in the component editor:
    • Title. Optys By Source With Graphic
    • Report Root Name. OPSRCGRPH
  4. In the structure tree, navigate to the group section (ssGrp1) and subclass it following the instructions in Creating a Design File For a Custom Report.
  5. Set View, Options, and Show Empty Slots to TRUE, if it is not already set.
  6. Open the Library Browser window for the sscustom library and drag the ssFrm component from the Library Browser window to the child After slot of the group section, and then right-click the resulting After frame and subclass it.
  7. Drag the ssSummaryGraph component from the Library Browser window to the Content child slot of the After frame, close the Library Browser window, and then turn off the display of empty slots.
  8. Enlarge the After frame vertically by dragging its bottom handle.

    It must be a few inches in height on your screen.

  9. Enlarge the graph control by dragging its lower-right handle so that it nearly fills the After frame.
  10. Select the group component in the structure tree, right-click, and click Properties, and then change the Page.PageBreakBefore property setting to TRUE.
  11. Close the Component Editor window.
  12. Select the summary graph component in the structure tree, right-click, and click Properties.
  13. Set the properties to match the values in Table, set the Titles.TitleText value to blank, and close the Component Editor window.
  14. Make sure that Siebel Sales is open, with an active view in Opportunities displayed.
  15. Build and run the report.

The resulting report look similar to Figure 16. The Opportunities - by source report reflects a listing of opportunities by a sales representative at the end of the second quarter. The accompanying graph shows the revenue possibility against the number of months the opportunity has been active.

Figure 16. Modified Opportunities - By Source Report
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