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Defining Text Controls and Labels For a Group Report

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Report with a Group Break.

Next, you add data controls in the content frame for each report row and column heading labels in the page header for each page break or sort break. You also define a sales stage control in the page header to display the sales stage with each group or page break.

To add text and label controls for a group report

  1. Complete the procedure described in Defining Text Controls for a Custom Report with the following modifications:
    • Instead of using an ssTxt component for txtRevenue, use an ssCur component, set its ValueExp Property to ssRevenue, and rename it curRevenue.

      For more information about currency display, see Using Currency Data.

  2. Complete the procedure described in Defining Labels for a Custom Report with the following modifications:
    • When adding the ssFrmBlueBack library component, add it to the child page header slot of the parent ssGrpStage tree.
    • The ssFrmBlueBack control subclasses automatically.When setting the ssReportTitle property, set the property value to Group Test Report.
  3. Enlarge the ssFrmStageHeader page header vertically by dragging one of its handles so that it is about twice its original height.
  4. Drag and drop the ssTxtSectionHeadM library component onto the ssFrmStageHeader page header slot.
  5. Right-click ssTxtSectionHeadM you added in Step 4, choose Properties, and then enter ssSales_Stage into the ValueExp property.

    This text control displays sales stage data in the page header.

  6. Subclass ssTxtSectionHeadM, and then rename it ssTxtStageName.

    For more information, see Subclassing an Object and Renaming an Object.

  7. Drag and drop the LineControl component from the Libraries window onto the ssFrmStageHeader frame in the Layout window, and then rename it LineSeparator.
  8. Reposition the line in the Layout window so it is above the sales stage control.

    The separator line creates a demarcation between report groups.

  9. From the application-level menu, choose File, and then Save.

Using Currency Data

A currency data control is used rather than a text data control when monetary values are displayed. This results in correct display and alignment.

The approach described for currency display is adequate for a test report. However, Siebel reports as of version 7.0 will use txtCurrency custom control from sscustom.rol to make calculated currency values localizable (formatted according to user locale). If currency does not require calculation, then the currency formatted field from the data supply library must be used in the regular ssTxt control instead.

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