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Creating a Custom Component Library

You can create a new report design using library components. Components from other report designs and custom libraries are used where possible to shorten the design time. Custom component libraries are described in Using a Custom Component Library. A custom library already exists with opportunity detail frame information: ssOppt.rol. However, the account master and contact detail frame layouts need to be published to a new custom component library from an existing report design, in this case srvreqaa.rod.

To create a custom component library with account master and contact detail frames

  1. Open the srvreqaa.rod (Service Request Activity - All) report design in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  2. Choose Tools, Library Organizer, and then the New Library menu item. Specify the name sssrvreq.rol and the path C:\Siebdev\RPTSRC\ENU\LIB.

    If your installation uses a non-English version of Siebel Business Applications, you do not have an \ENU folder. Instead, you have a folder in the appropriate language code for your installation, such as \DEU for Germany.

    See Global Deployment Guide for a list of three-letter International Standards Organization (ISO) language extensions.

  3. Drag and drop the following frames from the srvreqaa report design into the sssrvreq.rol custom library (choose the Publish The Component option for each in the Drop Component dialog box):
    • ssFrmHeadSection. This is the Before frame for the group section, and displays account header information.
    • ssFrmContactsBefore.
    • ssFrmContactsContent.
  4. Close the srvreqaa.rod report design and click the Save All button when prompted to save the report design and library.

The srvreqaa.rod report and your new Account - Opportunity/Contact Detail report will share frame components from this library. If any customizations need to take place in either report, the component is subclassed first to keep the changes local to one report.

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