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Creating a Design File for a Parent-Child Report

This task is a step in Process of Creating a Report With a Parent-Child Relationship.

In this exercise, a new report design is created from scratch, using library components.

To create a design file for a parent-child report

  1. Open Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  2. Open the srvreqaa.rod report design.

    This design appears in the Siebel client as Service Request Activity - All.

  3. When prompted, locate and include the sssrvreq.rol library file from the $\Siebel\RPTSRC\LIB or equivalent folder.

    The library path is updated and results in modifications being made to the srvreqaa.rod file.

  4. From the application-level menu, choose File, Save All, File, and then Close Design.

    The srvreqaa.rod report and your new Account - Opportunity/Contact Detail report share components from this library. If any customizations take place in either report, the component is subclassed first to keep the changes local to one report.

  5. Complete the procedure described in Creating a Design File For a Custom Report, except include the following libraries:
    • sscustom.rol
    • sssiebel.bas
    • sssrvreq.rol, a custom component library that contains the page header and line detail used for the opportunity subreport you are creating.
    • acopcon.rol, which is the file you created in Siebel Tools in the procedure in Creating Object Definitions For a Parent-Child Report.
  6. Complete the procedure described in Renaming, then Saving a Custom Report with the following modifications:
    • When renaming the NewReportApp top-level object, enter acopcon into the Rename window.
    • When setting the ssReportTitle property, enter Account - Opty/Contact Detail.
    • When saving the file, name it acopcon.rod.
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