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Using Siebel Tools to Create a Parameterized Report

Siebel Tools includes a set of predefined object definitions you can use to create a parametrized report. These objects are described in Table 32.

Table 32. Predefined Object Definitions Used to Create a Parameterized Report
Object Type

Business Component

Revenue Report Parameters

Provides the basis for the Revenue Analysis Detail report.


Revenue Report By PickList, Revenue Report Show PickList, and Revenue Report

(This cell left intentionally empty.)

Business Component Fields

By In Revenue, Show In Revenue, and Then In Revenue

Fields required by parameters in the Revenue Analysis Detail report.


Revenue Parameter Applet

Appears when requesting a parameterized report. Associated with the Revenue Report Parameters business component, and includes its own set of controls.


Revenue Analysis Detail

Associated with the Revenue Parameter Applet.


(Revenue Analysis Detail appears in numerous views.)

To identify the views in which Revenue Analysis Detail appears, in the Object Explorer, choose the Flat tab, click the View Report object type, and then query the Report property for Revenue Analysis Detail.

  1. In Siebel Tools, right-click the report object definition in the Reports OBLE for which you need to generate a ROL file, such as Revenue Analysis Detail.
  2. Choose Tools, Utilities, and then Generate Actuate Report.
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