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About the My Reports View

The My Reports view displays the report output files that you have access to in the Reports list. This includes the reports generated by you, and the reports that other users granted you permission to view. The view is actually being generated directly from Actuate Active Portal.

By clicking the reports folder, you see a listing of the reports that have been requested. Clicking the name of the report produces another copy without you having to request the report again through the screen views.

The Reports Administrator can also provide access to the Personal Profile view. Using this view, end users can set an email address, default printer, notification preferences, and other functions as needed.

NOTE:  When trying to access the My Jobs, My Reports, or Personal Profile views, you may encounter the following operation error: An Error Occurred - The last operation JSP Service on item JSP Page was unsuccessful.

Details of this operation and possible reasons for its failure include:

Operation: JSP Service
The client sub-operation was JSP (Execution)
The server sub-operation was IDAPI ( )

The solution for this error is to add the directories of the shared libraries to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Windows (LIBPATH for UNIX) in the Actuate startup script, and then restart the Actuate services.

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