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About the Service Request Performance Smart Report (Service Request Aging Analysis)

This report analyzes the aging of the currently open service requests. Three metrics are tracked that may explain performance: the number of open service requests, call volume, and average resolution time during the past months.

About Data Collection and Calculation in the Service Request Performance Smart Report

All service requests are collected and stored in a memory list in the rptAllServiceRequests report section. Later, in the rptServiceRequestDetail section, the service requests are pulled from the list, grouped by status and severity, and displayed in detail. As the service requests are collected, calculations are made and values stored in arrays for use in the TimeOpen, OpenServiceRequests, NewServiceRequests, and ResolutionTime sections.

About the rptAllServiceRequests Section in the Service Request Performance Smart Report

List storage, array storage, and calculations are accomplished in method overrides of the sifAllServiceRequests single input filter class. Table 31 shows the method overrides used for this class.

Table 31. Method Overrides for rptAllServiceRequests



Stores a list of data rows for all Service Requests.



Ignores closed service requests.

Calculates time in days the service request was open.

Categorizes the service request based on how many weeks it was open.

Adds to the running count and total resolution time of service requests severity.

Tracks high and low resolution times for severity.



Calculates call volume by month and severity.



Counts service requests that are less than six months old.



Determines average resolution time by month and severity.

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