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About Visual Features for Smart Reports

Smart Reports are labeled as such in the Reports drop-down list in particular views. For example, from the Opportunities screen tab navigate to the My Opportunities view. Click Reports and review the drop-down list of reports.

Two important graphical elements specific to Smart Reports are described as follows:

  • Order of Merit indicator. Reflected in Figure 17, an up, down, or right arrow that indicates the merit of the opportunity, account, and so on, based on one or more criteria being analyzed in the report. The direction of the arrow depends on whether the values measured by the thermometers are above or below their triggers. A right arrow indicates that two of the three thermometers are above their triggers. The up arrow represents that all three thermometers are above their triggers.
    Figure 17. Order of Merit Indicators
  • Thermometer. The vertical and horizontal partially filled rectangle graphs are called thermometers. Figure 18 shows the past revenue for an average account.
    Figure 18. Thermometer
    Click for full size image

    A thermometer is defined by four parameters:

    • Measure. The quantity being measured by the thermometer. The value of this quantity determines the height of the shaded area within the rectangle.
    • Minimum. The value represented by the bottom part of the rectangle.
    • Maximum. The value represented by the top part of the rectangle.
    • Trigger. A benchmark to which the value of the measure is compared. The order-of-merit indicator depends on whether the value of the measure is above or below the trigger.

      For information on the configuration of thermometers, see About Thermometers Used in Smart Reports.

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