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Legacy Data Integration

On the Internet, HTTP is the standard protocol for exchanging data. In a mainframe environment, IBM MQ Series is the most common application messaging transport. Therefore, the HTTP protocol can be replaced with MQ Series and still carry out the transaction. In case the organization supports IFX XML or ACORD XML standards for legacy data integration, Siebel provides Connectors that work with the HTTP adapter as well as IBM's WSBCC and MQSFSE product suite. In addition, they can be customized to support different message sets and packages to suit your business needs. Table 30 details the requirements and the solution for a successful integration of legacy data existing on a mainframe.

Table 30. Legacy Data Integration Requirements
Business Requirement
Technological Requirement
Oracle's EAI Solution

To create an order against a mainframe system

Cross-application business process management

  • Siebel Workflow Process Manager
  • EAI MQ Series transport adapter
  • Siebel Connectors for different industry XML standards
  • Siebel Industry XML Connector Factory APIs
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