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Process of Configuring Custom Objects in Siebel Outlook Add-In

Siebel Outlook Add-In allows you to link to Siebel Account, Opportunity, Project, and Service Request objects from Microsoft Outlook. This topic describes how to configure Siebel Outlook Add-In so that you can link to additional Siebel objects from within Microsoft Outlook, for example, you can configure Outlook Add-In so that you can link a Siebel Household object from a Microsoft Outlook contact record.

NOTE:  To associate a new Siebel object with a Microsoft Outlook record, there must be an existing relationship within the Siebel repository for the business component underlying the Siebel domain. For example, if you want to make the Siebel Household object available in Microsoft Outlook and allow it to be linked with Siebel contact records, you can do so because the Contact business component has a relationship to the Household object through a multivalue link (MVL). If an existing relationship does not exist between the Siebel object you want to make available in Microsoft Outlook and the business component underlying the records you want to associate with the object, create a relationship and test it thoroughly before proceeding.

Perform the following tasks in the order shown to configure a custom Siebel object in Siebel Outlook Add-In:

  1. Configuring List of Values
  2. Creating a New PIMSI Siebel Object
  3. Updating Integration Objects
  4. Compile the modified integration objects to generate a new Siebel repository file (SRF), then stop the Siebel Server, deploy the new SRF, and then restart the Siebel Server.
  5. Updating the Data Maps
  6. Updating the PIMSI Domain Configuration
  7. Updating Domain Maps
  8. Restart the Siebel Server and test the configuration.
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