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Creating a New PIMSI Siebel Object

This topic describes how to create a new PIMSI Siebel object, which is used to define the object and fields available to the Outlook Add-in.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Custom Objects in Siebel Outlook Add-In.

Follow the procedure below to create the new PIMSI Siebel object.

To create the new PIMSI Siebel object

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIMSI Server Integration screen, then the Siebel Objects view.
  2. In the PIMCI Siebel Object list, create a new object using the values in the following table.

    NOTE:  In the following table, replace Household with the name of the PIMSI Siebel object type you are adding to the Outlook Add-In.




    The name of the object as it is to be displayed.

    Business Object


    A business object for which the entity is defined in Tools, and for which the primary business component is the business component underlying the object being created.

    Business Component


    The business component that is to retrieve the records for display in the Add-in.

    View Mode

    Sales Rep

    The visibility mode to be used when querying the business component. It is recommended that you do not specify the values All or Organization.

    Display Field

    Household Name

    The field to display in the Current Siebel Links drop-down list and the Quick Links list.

    Translation LOV


    The multilingual LOV defined in Step 2 for possible display fields.

    View Name

    My Households View

    The name of the view that is displayed when the Go link is selected in Microsoft Outlook.

    In choosing the view to display, ensure the following conditions exist:

    • The view business object must be the same as the business object for this record
    • The view's visibility applet type must be the same as the view mode specified for this record.
    • The view's visibility applet must be based on the same business component as that specified for this record.

    Applet Name

    Households List Applet

    The name of the applet that is queried.

  3. In the Siebel Object Fields applet, create a record for each field that is to display in the Siebel Outlook Add-Id using values similar to those shown in the following table.
    Field Sequence



    The sequence 0 must always be Id

    Household Name


    List the remaining fields that you want to display in the required sequence order. Each field uses the LIC value from the Translation LOV (in this example, PIMCI_ADDIN_HOUSEHOLD_FIELD). When displayed in the user interface, the display value of the LOV is used for the current user language.

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